Hero Balloon Flights is your gateway to unlocking the extraordinary right in the heart of AlUla's breathtaking landscapes while creating memories that will forever be etched into the story of your life. We like to think of ourselves as your partners in discovering the magic and wonder that lie between the canyons and tombs that define AlUla's backdrop. That's why we strive to create an experience that allows you to connect with history, nature and yourself in an exhilarating manner. Backed by partners who are experts in their fields, Hero Balloon Flights is led by leading experience providers, Hero Experiences Group and Balloon Adventures Dubai. 

Whether you are an adventurer seeking new horizons or a couple looking to share a romantic escapade, we invite you to step out of your comfort zone and into the sky. Here, you'll find the courage to redefine your boundaries and change how you see the world.

Our Promise
We strongly believe in offering more than a flight over AlUla, we offer a memorable journey that takes you beyond the ordinary and allows you to discover your inner explorer and awaken your every sense as you float 4,000 ft above the captivating AlUla vistas. 

Safety and Expertise
Your safety is our paramount concern, which is why we only onboard pilots who are seasoned navigators of the skies with thousands of flight hours. We adhere to the highest industry standards and work closely with local authorities to ensure your journey is not just awe-inspiring but also safe beyond measure. 

The AlUla Experience
AlUla sketches stories that preserve the echoes of ancient civilisations while making you feel like you are entering a museum where time stood still. Hero Balloon Flights in AlUla allow you to have a front-row seat to the unveiling of tales untold in the nooks of canyons and tombs. Each flight is a canvas upon which the sunrise paints a masterpiece, and you are the beholder. 



Balloon Adventures Dubai

A part of the Hero Experiences Group, Balloon Adventures Dubai is proud to have offered guests memorable hot air balloon flights since 2005 and thus be the longest-operating hot air balloon operator in the UAE. Their mission is to inspire guests to free their inner child and be transported to a world they once imagined by taking them on a magical hot air balloon flight through the skies over the Dubai Desert. Balloon Adventures Dubai has also successfully orchestrated the AlUla Skies Festival in 2023. Their safety expert and world-experienced pilots ensure that every flight are fun, memorable and safe.


Hero Experiences Group

Hero Experiences is the travel experience group behind some of the region's most engaging and immersive adventures. Driven by strong values of sustainability, empowerment and uniqueness, the Group is committed to creating experiences that respect the destination and its environment, culture, history and heritage. The Hero Experiences Group's mission is to inspire individuals to be the HERO of their lives while taking positive action to better themselves and their environment and to step outside their comfort zone to discover what it truly means to BE A HERO. With an ever-expanding portfolio of brands that provide award-winning adventures, they have been proudly awarded several accolades that testify to their expertise in each industry. Their hot air balloon company in the United Arab Emirates, Balloon Adventures Dubai, has been named the World's Leading Balloon Ride Operator for the past three years.


AlUla Moments (by Royal Commission for AlUla)

AlUla is located 1,100 km from Riyadh, in the North West region of Saudi Arabia. It has a  beautifully rich blend of culture and history and is a premier destination for wanderlust explorers. AlUla is painted with beautiful rock formations that tell a thousands years' tales of occupants and travellers. AlUla boasts timeless authenticity offering its guests the chance to travel back in time as they explore towering sandstone mountains and ancient cultural heritage sites dating back thousands of years.These captivating attractions include Hegra (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), Elephant Rock, Maraya, Heritage Oasis Trail and AlUla Old Town. It's a destination filled with ancient wonder, leaving all its visitors feeling like true adventurers uncovering tales of the past.


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