Few other experiences are as special and cherished as sharing open skies and majestic surroundings with only your loved ones. When booking a private hot air balloon flight, you will be met with exclusivity and luxury that most people only dream of. It's also the ultimate opportunity to take your love to literal new heights as you ask the big question, celebrate an anniversary or spoil yourselves with a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Your private vehicle will be ready to pick you up in the early morning hours. When you arrive at the take-off site, you will be greeted with a cup of welcome coffee* and escorted to your private balloon. As your pilot inflates the envelope, feel the goosebumps slowly taking over while you watch in awe as your balloon takes form. 

Once you are in the skies, you will unlock a sense of wonder and intrigue as you lightly soar over landscapes that are filled with historic tales of ancient civilisations and their journeys. This unique vantage point over AlUla with your closest loved ones by your side will be etched into your memories like the stone carvings in the canyons, lingering for decades to come. 

Welcome refreshments will not be served during the holy month of Ramadan

Important: Please note that the deadline for next day bookings is 6 PM (GMT +3)

What’s included

Soft Beverage

Complimentary coffee, tea or soft drink.


A complimentary 6x8 inches photo shot by our professional photographers.

Receive a complimentary video of your flight until 31 August 2024.
To redeem, use Promo Code FREEVIDEO at checkout.