Get ready for an adventure that will leave a mark on your book of memories for decades to come, as you will always remember the feeling of becoming one with the sky and soaring high over centuries of history carved in canyons passing by. The golden sandstone formations will leave you feeling like a true explorer as you learn about the living museum that is AlUla from your pilot.

Your journey starts when you are picked up from your hotel by one of our friendly guides, and you are welcomed at our take-off site with a warm cup of coffee*. The excitement builds while you watch the magnificent balloons inflate. As the flames light up the night sky, you will experience a sense of exhilaration and anticipation.

Next, you will jump in the basket and hold on as the balloon breaks away from the ground and your ascend starts. After a few seconds, the wonder will start setting in as your eyes adjust to the majestic geography that forms a backdrop for the sun to rise over. As you float over canyons and tombs, you will learn about AlUla's rich history and why it has been such a well-kept secret. After the flight, reminisce about what the adventure you just completed and start to write it in your book of memories.

Welcome refreshments will not be served during the holy month of Ramadan

Important: Please note that the deadline for next day bookings is 6 PM (GMT +3)

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